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July 24th, 2007, 13:59
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
Thanks for all the input. I have three demos I'm working through now, and still reading the tutorial on Dominions 3. (This is the one with the 300 page manual, isn't it? But I like it I get the feeling that 'immersive' is an understatement on this one. )
I was going to add Dominions to the list this morning, but I see you're already on to it!

@ Gallifrey: Played through the four tutorials of the 1701 demo--it has quite the addictive feel to it. I liked the look of the Knights of Honour title as well. I also had Stronghold at one point but couldn't get into it. Think I gave it away.
1701 is addictive. It's just the right balance of casual and strategic gameplay, and the graphics, sound and music are really well done. It's just a great game to play. Combat in city builder games is always weak, I never expect it to be otherwise, but it plays such a small role it's not really worth spending the time on.
Do check out Knights Of Honour. I've played the heck out of it and always enjoyed it immensely. While everything happens in real-time, it's not fast paced and you can slow it down to a real crawl if you need to. But you'll see armies moving and have time to respond accordingly, you don't get mobbed by gangs in the RTS fashion (it's not at all rush-oriented). Battles are fought in real-time, but you can pause and command, or just use an auto-resolve to skip the control completely, and the autoresolve is quite fair in how it governs the battle.
The graphics are quite nice and the music is about the best I've ever heard in a PC game.

Originally Posted by Cormac View Post
…. I have played # 3 and 4 is infinitely superior in every way.
I don't really agree. I far prefer the look of Civ3, I find it has a lot more character whereas Civ4 is pretty bland. Although I do like the extra map details (like showing cottages and towns and other improvements) but I just find the 3D art style dull. Civ4 is immensely better in how it handles the border expansion of cities as it loses that stupid X shape expansion in favour of a more realistic spread. In terms of the interface, I'm on the fence over that one. I get a more hands-off feeling from Civ4, but then I'm still very new to it. I really miss the tech tree layout for research that Civ3 had. Having just a list of items to research without seeing where they go is annoying, as is being unable to just click on your target research and your queue being filled with the proper research path.

I think I'll need to start a new game. My current Russian empire is just breezing through everything. I'm not sure what difficulty I set the game at, but it's been really easy. I think I put it at the same level I always played Civ3 at, and there it gave me a challenge. Right now, I just build Culture improvements and gradually expand my empire, and everybody likes me, even if I swallow up one of their cities.
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