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July 24th, 2007, 21:47
Originally Posted by Brother None View Post
Uhm, well, as txa pointed out, this article wasn't about Oblivion, it just used Oblivion as a test case.
Yes, I know

I just tend to overexplain sometimes - a bad habit from being a teacher, I think. Again, taking Oblivon as an example, , too, find it interesting :look: that game sitet that gave Oblivion a 94% or even a 100% score, now are finding flaws with Oblivion. I guess this happens since Bethsoft themselves admitted that there flaws in Oblivion - and people ahve bought Oblivion. This makes it somewhat safer for gaming sites to critisize Oblivion, I think.

If we look at the LEGO Star Wars games, all major and minor gaming sites were in total agreement that these game are great and for the whole family
Maybe it is the source of my info, but I don't remember seing 20+ year single males dish Lego Star Wars games. I remember seeing Gamespot & IGN etc. giving these games a very high score and NOT saying these games only are are for children. (but perhaps I misread the reviews ).

I remember being excited about a new Danish game, called HCA: The Ugly Prince Duckling. And I read the review for in a Danish newspaper. And I was furios at the reviewer and told him (in my head) to go play FPS games and action games.
Untill I bought the game, and tried out for myself, and discovered he was correct in everything he said about the game. Yes, he gave it three stars. In a thread over gameboomers (I think?) the journalist made a post saying that he wanted to give the game two stars, buit his Editor changed it to three stars. When I read this I was like as I didn't think this could happen. There's a review for this game over adventuregames.com too. It also gets three stars, but if you read the review you will see that it only should have gotten maybe 1 stars.

Of course, rpg fans and adventure game fans could be blind to some of the genres' faults. However, as the 1UP, Gamespot and IGN reviews of certain rpg titles as well as adventure game titles clearly show, some reviewers are simply not that into the adventure game genre or the rpg (D&D) genre. We often joke about this at gameboomers and adventuregamers + justadventure that WE should be the ones to review adventuregames as we know what we like.

I'm not that fond of first person slide show adventure games, but I hope I can set my own feelings aside, and act professionally when I review these games (if I do this). I know my fellow adventure games, and rpg gamers would do the same That's why it amazes & astonishes me why gaming journalists from
big gaming sites like 1up, gamespot, gamepsy & IGN can't seem to do this.

Not every adventure game needs to be a (new) Syberia or a (new) Longest Journey game, like not all rpgs needs to be (next) Baldur's Gate or Jade Empire
or (new) Gothic game. Sometimes, developers try something new and sometimes
this goes well, other times not so well. But without developers willing to experiment, the genre(s) are not moving forward. And I don't think anyone here would like to see Bethsoft or Bioware turn into EA, churning out basically the same game - year after year after year.
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