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July 25th, 2007, 04:12
BN I have to disagree that different reviewers are entitled to their own opinion even if they work for the same employer. This is consistent with most major newspapers who often hire columnists and editors with different viewpoints in order to stay relevant. ie. The Financial Editor almost never agrees with the Women's Issues columnist in any paper.

I actually agree with the article in general but I don't agree on the example. Two different people at the same company don't have to agree and that they don't gives it a great deal more integrated IMO. My favourite hockey team the Vancouver Canucks, had an owner that also owned the most popular radio station in the city and the most popular TV station in the Province. Consistently, none of the press on any of the stations ever derided the team or its management but did criticize fellow members of the press of rival companies for doing so. In short, consistency is often a bad sign in journalism. In terms of gaming sites, look at the universal praise that MS games get. Was Age of Empires really the best game of the year or was it merely a decent clone of Civilization 2?

As well, why shouldn't someone be allowed change their opinion on something. These agents are given a deadline for something and first impressions may be amazing to them. I may have got bored with Morrowind and Dungeon Siege over time but both games opened up new paradigms in cRPG's at release. In the case of Morrowind no RPG since the first Might and Magics ever broke the mold in graphics.

But again I still agree with the gyst of your article. Perhaps NWN is a better example than Oblivion. Any review that tried to say the OC was more than something slapped together at the last minute was obviously lying. The first release of the (free version) of Witch's Wake was a sort of an apology for this. Upon release of the expansion even Bioware employees started coming clean. But after years of activity on the game which is still going the consensus has changed back to the quality of the game of where it should have been focussed all along: the toolset.
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