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July 25th, 2007, 05:31
Interesting read, and many valid points, but I have an anti-media bias.

I think the grounds for distrusting all media claims were laid down pretty well by Jack Kerouac when he wrote: "Never eat at a place called Mom's…*."

In other words, the more something claims to be authentic, wonderful, the best ever, ("Our food is just like Mom's home-cooked meals!") the more apt it is to need a coverup of extravagantly positive verbiage ("Our food is actually ripped out of a can and microwaved by a fat slob in a dirty apron but we're hoping you can't tell the difference.")

Real excellence recommends itself.

Whenever a reviewer, journalist, ad man, or columnist (you can add politician to the list if you like) extolls something in a clearly over the top and superficial manner, the more grounds there are to wonder why. I find a healthy skepticism infinitely preferable to gushing enthusiasm any day.

*entire quote IIRC :"Never eat at a place called Mom's, never play cards with a man named Doc, and never go down on another man's plea."
Where there's smoke, there's mirrors.
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