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July 25th, 2007, 07:44
That's quite the refreshing perspective, being offered here by Corwin, Gallifrey and magerette.

The only thing worse than a conformist corporate conglobulate pumping out big name titles (which nearly always share the same dominant elements in terms of game experience - megadoses of primo eye candy and frenetic gameplay in the first person), is conformist corporate conglobulate media hypesters, clustering around the big name project in faithful, obedient servitude. A gleaming, dominating, unified powerfest.

Where is the room for small & medium sized games, and small & medium sized media speculation ? If there were more room, it would lead to a much greater diversity of games and a much greater diversity of opinions.

The massive monopolizing greed machines really have no (profit based) need for such divergence and deviation (from their entrenched formula), which is *precisely* why such variations, away from the mainstream, are crucial to the vitality and variety of the Pc-Rpg genre.

Beware the 2-headed rampaging hydra-monster. It can only be countered, tamed, surpassed and transcended by boldly honest, individualistic thinkers, who value diversity and inclusiveness in the marketplace.
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