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July 25th, 2007, 14:41
There are some magazines and e-zines as well as websites that will add a 'second opinion' in a highligthed box somewhere (although it usually is at the bottom of the page, if the house is very divided over the review for a certain game). However, one of the most devastating reviews, I've read was in a Danish gaming magazine called PC Player. They reviewed Gothic 3 and gave it a 3/10 score, while Oblivion got an 8/10 score. Maybe the magazine's reviewers(s) played the broken gold dsic release. If so, the score is understandable. I, however, played the demo for Gothic 3, and found it to be very enjoyable and at least at good as Oblivon, and in some places even better than Oblivion.

I wrote a very polite letter to the Editor, saying that to me, at least G3, was as good a game as Oblivion was. And that Oblivion also did have bugs in it, also quest-breaking bugs. And while the reviewer for Oblivion let that slide by easily, the G3's reviewer didn't. This simply isn't a fair way of doing reviews, imo.

If we look at movie or book reviews, the sales for badly reviewed movies or books don't suffer under these reviews. People tend to like things that most book and movie reviewers don't. Clearly, a good review for a game is something valuable, but I don't think it is crucial for most people's choice as to whether or not they'd buy a game or not. I know that I will buy every game from Bioware, nearly every game from Bethesda, and a lot of games from (small) indie game companies, like Obsidian.
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