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Default Oblivion Players and Fans Invited!!!

July 25th, 2007, 21:17
I'm having a contest for an Oblivion Expansion of mine, and I thought that I'd invite the players and fans of Oblivion here to join in!

Oblivion Expanded Dungeon Contest
OE Contest #2

For this Oblivion Expanded contest, we want people to pick up their pens and pencils to write. We are asking the Oblivion community to write about a dungeon raid, making their own dungeon and story. There are three categories to choose from: caves, forts, or ayleid ruins. After the category is chosen, we only ask that enemies in the dungeon are enemies already in Oblivion.

A majority of the stories submitted will be seen in OE in their own book. There will be three winners, one for each category of the contest (caves, forts, and ayleid ruins). These winners will have their story in a book and their dungeon placed in Oblivion Expanded as accurately as possible, including loot and enemies.

To submit you book and enter, just send it to me in a PM on Gamingsource, Bethesda Game Studios Forums, The Hermetic Synod, or RPGWatch. If you post it, just be warned that your ideas might be taken.

The deadline is August 31, so get writing!
Please, join in if you can!
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