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July 27th, 2007, 07:46
Sorry folks, but PB blew G3, not Jowood, they just sold it unfinished, which is bad enough of course.
Seriously, who would be dumb enough to ever buy a PB game again?
I mean, I am a programmer myself, and if I would stop fixing bugs in my software becuase I don't get money for fixing it, I can call it quits.
It is and has been PBs obligation to fixe their games, and of course they don't deserve any extra payments at all for fixing their mess, instead they left the game, their fans, their customers, because they coulnd't agree on payments with JoWood - how stupid and irresponsible and shortsighted is that?
Hello? Does that ring a bell? I do not know any contract details of course, but no matter how you turn it, the fact remains, that PB is not fixing their game because they don't tget paif for it.
It's like you have to pay for getting your brand new car fixed, because it is not running or not all features are availabe…

Sorry, but PB completely destroyed their reputation, and it is almost compeltely their own fault.

And yes, I do not feel like getting flamed by any PB fanyboy, that's why I post this anonymous! Call me a coward, I will not sue you…




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