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July 27th, 2007, 08:58
Ok, I will bite, give us a single piece of possibly (giving you lots of room, with possibly) credible evidence that PB was;

1. making decisions about release state status.
2. responsible for the Q&A and deciding which bugs to were priority fixes for release.
3. given a budget to buy the engine they originally requested, to make the AAA title they envisioned.
4. also I would like to see you come up with complete time table, of time spent on game development.
5. time spent on having to rebuild the engine because the publisher couldn't afford the engine they promised to fund, due to bankruptcy.
6. payments promised and payments received.
7. oh and just for grins if your really a programmer, why didn't you know devs are paid to fix bugs?

That's a short list, I have plenty more but these are all things you obviously would need to know to make half the statements you make, not including the ones you seem to be pulling out of your ass, Mr. Anonymous if that really is your name.
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