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July 27th, 2007, 11:09
If you read the statements from both PB and Jowood, you will learn (if you read between the lines that is) that Jowood sort of forced G3 out to the door, so that Jowood would earn (more) money and meet some sales figures for the release quarter. You will also learn that the patch 1.12 (released in dec. 2006) was scheduled to be overwritten by an expansion pack for Gothic 3, (or maybe Gothic 4).
But Jowood wouldn't hear of it. Instead they demanded that PB fixed the bugs in G3 (in engine??) with the same tools and engine that was used to build G3 with in the first place. PB wanted to take what they have learned in G3 and then use it for an expansion pack (which included the patch sort of) which then overwrite G3's masterfile correcting everything. Jowood was not interested in this?? WHY?? My best qualified guess would be that Jowood in nov/dec. 2006 already had decided to dump PB as developers for G3 games, and made it clear that they wanted a game for handheld platforms (or for mobile phones as it was revealed earlier this months). Such a contract don't just write itself, and it takes a lot longer than 5 months or so to negotiate such a contract.

You also have to realize that while PB is made up of people who really like their jobs, it also is business. And a business need money to survive. And I know (from PB's designers talk with fans on WoG) that some of them did spent their own free time on correcting bugs etc. in G3, working in the patch(es). However, there comes a time, when you have to say 'enough is enough'. And say to your publisher, Jowood, that you would like to get paid for your work, since you're a professional, not an amateur. And professionals do get paid for their work.

Also, there have no explanation from Jowood whatsoever, unless you count the varius press releases about PB and Jowood splitting up, while the PB's devs. have been more than happy to talk & chat with the fans on WoG and world of piranha.
[And even answering critcal questions as well….].

It has been known for some time now that Deep Silver/Koch Media is PB's new publisher. I hope for a scifi tech post apoc games that is isometric and turnbased, competing with Fallout 3
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