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July 27th, 2007, 12:22
Appoligies for the long post, please feel free to skip it or get popcorn.

"First of all I would like to state that I dont know the specifics of game-development. But according to my common sense and knowledge from the net:"

Works for me.
"But do you believe they didn’t have strict date of realize on contract they had with (edited) former publisher? So if they(PB) didnt manage to fulfill their share of work then you call them victims?"

Humm, strict? Well I would imagine that had a date certainly and I bet they missed at least one.
Well, it all depends on how they got there, whether PB is a victim or not, I guess.
I certainly am no expert but I know from PB's works they are certainly capable of AAA title work based on their attention to things like detail and innovations, made long before other AAA games have picked up on it, a few examples are AI, full speech and geo-architecture.
Now give that PB processes skills as good as any top game developer, we have to ask ourselves why have there games come out buggy and incomplete, finances is the only answer.
Unless you would care to detail a few items in there games you would have cut out to save time and there for development cost.
Now their first game doesn’t really need to be discussed imo, as it was obviously their first attempt and was ground breaking game as were all their games, since obviously on first attempts you cant possible know how much time it take to make a ground breaking, since it's never been done.

" must say I am suprised that development team(PB) should be sponsored by the publisher as far as engine goes."
Well I get surprised all the time, with things I didn't know, welcome.

Everyone whom paid attention to RPGs, knew PB's abilities after G1, especially publishers, though it was quirky (my reference to lack of control options) in some regards it was clearly amazing in almost all aspects, but could they do it again?

Only very few established devs retain full control over their Intellectual Properties, why?
They can't self finance themselves, so how do they get publishers to back them finically give some rights away?
We clearly see the former publisher claiming right's to the World of Gothic, how did they get those, right’s?
Even PB has said they have some right's, its because the former pub financed the games.

"Excuse me, are they programmers or not? Do you think that is obligatory that publisher buys engine so the developer could create game so that he(dev) would get paid more?"
Depends most times, yes the pubs finance buying a new engine or dev cost of making one.

Now on to Gothic 2, bigger better (subjective) but no doubt that the world, graphics, number of individual NPCs (more writing and scripting) and longer game, so big and better.

How did they do it, same why they did G1, very small talented group (19 iirc), they rebuilt the engine and made a more successful Gothic 2, granted there were still problems getting out of the EU market, but once again PB is only partly responsible, since they didn’t feel comfortable speaking English to any of the English game site, but the majority of the problem is the pub, they handle distribution.

So with one of the smallest dev teams in the world PB did it again, they out did devs that had 10 times the budgets they did (an example would be Morrowind), and yes they had delays, but were talking 2 of the most innovative RPGs made on the whole, at time of development.
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