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July 27th, 2007, 13:24
I hate having to cut out Smilies, on RPGWatch since it's easy to mistake, banter with hostility, so I divided up my too long of a post, so I could keep the smiles.

Now on to G3, bigger team, maybe outside contractors but for the most part still the same 19 key devs, working their asses off in a house, where many sleep and live I hear.
Now I am too tired to look it up (4:30am) but I remember PB saying G3 this time is an all new engine, when they started giving interviews, near release of NotR, remember hearing how they were shopping engines and 3rd party programs.
How could they afford this, paying the salaries, engines and 3rd parties, G2 and NotR were hits but they still didn’t break the big markets and how did the former publisher get right's to the world?
The pub financed the development of G3, now to your last comment which pretty much proves it.

"(edited ) former publisher are banktrup? I recall interview with Rosenkratz and he stated that they(PB) wanted to achive more then they could manage."

Now maybe you’re not familiar but the former pub suffered great financial losses and had to restructure financially, during the early part of dev of G3.

Now PB had already set the design process in progress clearly since they were looking for engines and 3rd party software, but all of a sudden PB decides to rebuild the engine, why?
Is it possible the now bankrupt pub, couldn't afford the new engine, since they had to restructure and let lots of people go from their jobs?
What do you do when your potentially biggest Original Property budget is cut?

Humm, PB hard working mofos whom can build their own engines, oh I know we (pubs) could save millions of UP front cost by rebuilding the engine.
Humm, wait but the game is designed to have a completely open-ended world, plus improved graphics and many others, how can we do this with this G2 engine, humm there goes the timetable.

"They just overestimated themselves and couldnt end what they begun in time"

Why? They had done it twice before, made innovative successful games from scratch.
While certainly they had delays, cut content and not fully developed continent on each game, name a small independent team of devs that has achieved what PB has, not many if at all.
So here is the publisher their BEST chance to have a AAA successful title and financially suffering for at least 2 years during the development of their potentially most successful game and it's almost ready.

So a few things are clear PB given enough time can make a RPG, at the very least as good as and maybe better than any other dev, including ones with staffs over 100, they for the most part have proved that with their record.

Now the former publishers record, (oh this will be fun ), now financially restructuring (BTW if there is a more accurate word for Bankruput/Restructing, let me know, this is what they call it here in the US) and with a no very good at ALL record of rushing out buggy games.

Humm, a publisher that needs money badly to settle debts NOT of PB's fault, Holiday Season coming, potentially biggest selling game they have ever published almost finished, what you gonna do?
You push it out the Freaking Door and Fix it Later, as the publisher you set the date, you ALONE know the true playable state of the game and your BROKE.

Or perhaps like the team actually doing ALL the work, whose property you LEACHED on to and then Couldn’t afford to finance, you work you asses off wait till the game is finished and release one of the greatest RPGs to date.

Now tell me again, what happened.
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