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July 27th, 2007, 15:11
I have no doubt what so ever I will buy PB's next game and with 99.9% accuracy never buy another "former publisher" product, ever.

The only Dev I have ever heard of that made a full patch and orginised the soruce code to release for free is Nihilistic, for Redemption, and the crowd goes wild! :standing ovation:

"As a side issue, I've been interested to see several programmers come out over the last couple of months and essentially say they program in their own time to finish/fix assignments."

I can't speak for your examples but often times if that is the case, at least here in the US, they had a contract, that included, say for example the program and 1 year of maintence.

"PB at least (!) paid the last couple of patches out of their own pockets. Both mags used different expressions. It´s even possible PB paid for all patches."

Wow, those guys never cease to amaze me., now I know of 2 Devs that are damn dedicated to their works. :standing ovation:
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