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July 27th, 2007, 20:06
I'll ignore the uninformed blabbering about Gothic 3 and how "poor" PB was rushed (several statements from PB employees themselves point to the opposite but I think I've posted and translated those like about 116 times by now ). I guess some people are just facts-resistant (like where did you get that crap about the engine from, Ace? PB did get GameBryo. They just decided to not use it. They. Themselves. Jeez…). Which kind of defeats the purpose of posting the following but I hope that not everyone's reading comprehension is as flawed as Ace's and Aries' (among others and nothing personal, folks, you keep believing and reading what you want to read/believe… no problem ).

Sooo… with that out of the way, some folks have compiled a facts list for PB's new game at the German WoP forums. Of course, these are all subject to change and can only be considered as "facts" in a very loose sense but here goes:

- The game will be set in a fantasy world including the RPG-typical monsters, magic, alchemists, smiths, hunters and fighters.
- Any references to Gothic will be left out due to legal reasons.
- There will be a pre-defined hero. No character generation.
- The world will be approximately of Gothic 1/2 size. Definitely smaller than Gothic 3.
- There will be different zones of vegetation as well as dynamic weather and day/night cycles.
- No loading screens.
- There will be interesting dungeons and caves.
- More emphasis will be put on riddles/puzzles.
- There will be several cities/camps.
- The game will be divided up in chapters.
- The game will not be related to Gothic and it will also not be a Gothic 1 remake.
- The graphics will be slightly improved over Gothic 3.
- There will be more women than in Gothic 3 and they will not all have supermodel shapes either.
- There will be shields.

- The graphics engine will be self-made again but it won't be the Gothic 3 engine.
- Everything will be modelled by hand. Items and loot will be distributed by hand.
- The max poly limit of the armor models is at around the 6K mark.
- Some programs that are used in development are 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and ZBrush.
- SpeedTree will once again be used to render the trees.

- There will be a demo of the game.
- The game will be published in German and English language versions.
- The game will not be released in 2007.
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