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July 28th, 2007, 00:19
I have been on a documentary spree, all of 'em about astonishing stuff happening in the US (just coincidence by the way, although this country has a propensity for the preposterous :-). It either gets me sad, pissed off or plain flabbergasted.

"Who killed the electric car": how GM actually makes electric cars and then does their best to discourage people using them. In the end they get all called back and destroyed while being in perfect condition. It's a damn shame…..and waste. Back to the oil addiction I guess….

"When the Levees broke". The documentary/requiem by Spike Lee about the Katrina Hurricane that left New Orleans totally devastated. This made me cry several times. It's a shock to see third world footage actually coming from an American city. People were (and still are!) utterly neglected. I mean, the damn Canadian Mounties were there to help in two days while official help from the government arrives after 5 days! The Bush family is completely out of touch with reality and their own people. Barbara Bush said on national television that people who got "shelter" at the Superdome actually improved on their former living conditions. It's beyond sad and hilarious at the same time. Then she continued to speak and said that she hoped that all those people would stay put and not come to Texas, because "they was all criminal and stuff". Dumb ignorant b**tch (sorry for cussin' but that made me mad!). They should put people in jail for not building floodproof levees, not coming to the rescue of the people in time, not providing shelter to homeless fellow Americans, not paying insurance, scattering families all over the States, not providing money to rebuild. The best way to judge a government is to look at how they treat their own (disadvantaged) people.

"Sicko" by Michael Moore. Although a bit populist at times and confusing anecdote with established pattern, there is too much proof that the health care system in the States is utterly flawed and beyond redemption. It's totally absurd if one looks from the outside in and discovers that the system is essentialy driven by profit! Insurance companies will stop at nothing to try to deny medical procedures to people who actually pay taxes and are insured. The pharmaceutical companies are mobsters also in Europe but boy do they go to extremes in the States. Canadians actually take extra insurance when they come to the US in case they get sick over there and have to pay hospital bills they can't afford. And what's with the fear for "socialized" medicine? It's a total crap story that was invented to ensure the continuing profit of large health care companies.

Well, enough ranting for tonight, I had to get this off my chest…..
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