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July 28th, 2007, 10:28
Hey folks. Sorry KotB is taking so long, but its precisely because the game is being developed as a role-playing exercise, to what we hope is a high standard of quality, that it is taking a while. If it was just the hack-and-slash campaign that the Caves of Chaos were often used as, admittedly we could have just loaded Screegs' gorgeous maps up with monsters and released this a long time back. But we're focussing on quests and stories, and hopefully the wait will be worth it.

KotB was chosen for 3 basic reasons:

- its starting level, and can be a jumping off point for later modules such as GDQ (which at the moment we can't make, since we can't yet mod models and introduce totally new stuff like dryders - but as we make KotB, we are learning new stuff all the time)

- it consists almost exclusively of monsters already found in ToEE, so we can make it without having to worry about adding new stuff

- it is familiar to folks, so lots of people could get involved with making it.

Hope you'll all enjoy it.




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