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July 28th, 2007, 14:39
I played some of the NWN versions of the KotB module, and couldn't really get into it (more because I despise NWN's D&D lite rule set than disliking the KotB module) I've been working with Co8 making mods for ToEE for years now, and I can tell you the roleplaying side of the engine is a lot more than just dialogue tree driven, I mean yes there are dialogue trees, and not all circumstances can be represented in them, but with the ToEE engine you can alter each factions reaction towards you depending on what the player has or hasn't done. Shiningted has written tutorials about his extensive research into this aspect of the engine, it is entirely possible to have vastly different outcomes from different styles of playing, just by assigning reaction adjustments to most of the dialogues, you could therefor build up a good relationship with the guards in the keep and gaining access to the inner bailey in one game, and annoy the guards to the point where they imprison you or worse in another game.




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