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October 30th, 2006, 18:47
It's a damn shame that some of you fine folks are having such trouble, I really wish that everyone here could enjoy the game to its fullest. It really blows that Arkane is taking such a hit when it comes to technical flaws, even though they are of their own design. Arx was awesome and DM is amazing, but only when they run well. When I started the game I had horrible performance, after perusing a few forums and reading here I decided to set my texture detail level to medium. It worked like a charm and now the game runs smoothly with zero CTDs. I don't care what gamespot or any other gaming site says about this game. Xana may ruin the story, somewhat, but nothing ruins the combat. Each weapon is implemented perfectly, every skill upgrade lends the player a tangible improvement, and combat is very intense and engrossing. Forget click fests, abusing your mouse will get you nowhere here. Skill and character improvement are the only means of surviving through the game. I really hope that other developers will take note of this games combat and stealth systems. Combat in oblivion would be so much more fun if fighting were like this. Either way I hope that everyone gets their technical issues resolved soon, here's looking to Arkane's next gem.
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