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July 28th, 2007, 14:52
Originally Posted by Gallifrey View Post
A lot of module adventures weren't in themselves great, what made them fun was the interaction. TOEE could have been an absolute blast if they had put some roleplaying and character into it. Troika seemed to completely miss the point that what makes D&D adventures fun is the interactive aspect. I think it would've been a lot more fun if it had been set up like the Baldur's Gate games, with one PC and a team of NPCs that interact, and take that to the next level of interacting with the residents of the dungeon and it's environs.
I just wanted to note quickly that I couldn't disagree more. You want the only big-budget, TB, full party creation game to come out in far, far, far too long to be more like every other game that allows more than one member? I can't disagree more. I love ToEE how it is, and I think people missed all the rolplaying opportunities the game offered. Their game mindset has been biowarized. Play it on ironman and don't try and force BG or Kotor as the games goal, and you'd see the the game is fantatsic as is and provides vast opportunity to role-play without forcing pre-generated spoon-fed nonsense down the players throat (and even better with the co8 patch).

Also, thank you Kotb guys. I love you and what you guys are doing.
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