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July 28th, 2007, 16:10
Originally Posted by roqua View Post
I just wanted to note quickly that I couldn't disagree more. You want the only big-budget, TB, full party creation game to come out in far, far, far too long to be more like every other game that allows more than one member? I can't disagree more. I love ToEE how it is, and I think people missed all the rolplaying opportunities the game offered.
It was merely one small idea of how some more life could have been thrown into the game. Now, I loved the IWD games with the fully player-created parties without party chit-chat, and those were dungeon crawlers but had tons of life to them, I never found them lacking.
As for the RP opportunities, I did miss a lot of them because I played a good-aligned party. The majority of NPC interactions inside the dungeon seemed more appropriate for an evil party. And even then, I just didn't find the TOEE NPCs all that interesting.

Also, thank you Kotb guys. I love you and what you guys are doing.
Likewise. It's clear a lot of work is going into this mod, and that is massively appreciated!
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