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July 28th, 2007, 21:40
Yup, it was 'n' for 'no idea how often I played it'. Actually, finishing most of the quests in vanilla MW (without addons) for the first time took me roughly 18 months, thus toppling Daggerfall which - up to then - had held the record with 7 months. Then I got Tribunal; I started with a new character, but instead of ignoring the MW main quest I did that one again, too. I never managed to find a copy of Bloodmoon until MW GotY came out… and so I played (and finished all main quests) once again with a new character, this time with MW and both expansions. Then I fiddled around with a new character who became a vampire pretty early - too early, it wasn't all that funny, and I stopped playing him after he reached level 12.
Then I played MW with several of the mods, but didn't finish either main quest with this one, either.
And now, after a long pause, I whipped out my GotY discs to (re)play the part of the game I liked the best - acquiring houses. Started a few weeks ago with a new character and got my last - more or less legal - house yesterday, at level 30. I now officially own the Hlaalu quest Rethan Manor and the Raven Rock Manor as well as the Balmora Council Club, the Redoran and Telvanni house quest manors, the mad summoner's house in Mournhold and some other empty sheds and hovels - I marked them all by travel lanterns. Since getting all those houses was my primary goal, I'm finished now, but I found myself engrossed in continuing some of the main questlines this morning .

While I definitely enjoyed Oblivion, I finished the main quest one only once; did the thief quests along with this during my first run. I tried a second run with a few mods (just three: borderless Cyrodiil, Dremora player characters and new horses) and progressed really far into the main quest and mages guild questlines before my computer ate itself. I reinstalled Ob on my new rig and played a few assassin quests, but that's never been a profession I enjoyed, so I stopped playing after a while. Never got around to get the addons, either.
Level scaling and all that aside, Oblivion never got to me the way its predecessors (after Arena) did. Despite some really good questlines (namely the thief guild quests) and beautiful character generation, Oblivion somehow felt small and too generic. It felt nearly as small in scale as Redguard! And while the idea of revisiting the planes of Oblivion in this game had me all excited, the iteration of the same random locations took most of the excitement out of the experience. Battlespire had done the Oblivion part better IMO, and even had the more memorable NPCs.
Oblivion returning to Daggerfall mechanisms where the acquisition of real estate was concerned was a grave error in my book. While buying houses felt fine in Daggerfall, it felt stale in Oblivion, especially after having enjoyed the Morrowind experience. This, and the facts that a) you couldn't sleep in an empty house which wasn't yours and that b) light sources like candles and lamps were fixed and not transportable lessened my joy even more.
So while I'm not averse to Oblivion per se, it didn't cater to most of my basest gaming needs and thus chances are slim that I'll replay it. And while I'm not averse to modding, I prefer to enjoy my games in a vanilla state.

Oops. That was long and pointless. But I have to live up to my title, you know .
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