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October 30th, 2006, 19:41
Wow, some here are very unhappy with the game. It seems as though expectation is the culprit though. I can agree that DM is far more action than RPG, but that is precisely what makes the game fun in my opinion. I know that some consider action gaming low brow, and that others are displeased with the usage of the M&M name. Furthermore, I know that if I expected the game to be a blockbuster RPG I would be sorely disappointed, but I didn't. I expected the game to be exactly what it is an, action RPG. Regardless of the genre, the game's story could stand to have a few improvements coupled with more mystery tossed at it; but when it comes to combat, action that is, I think it wins hands down. I wouldn’t wish any ill-will toward a game that anyone here is looking forward to playing. As a long time gamer and career nerd I know how much even-handed anticipation can pay off. I am glad that I got a chance to play a game that I really enjoy, all technical flaws aside of course. With that said I hope that whatever comes next will satisfy any role playing needs some of the members have here. As I just mentioned, the game really could benefit from a deeper, well written, and more carefully revealed story. In the end though (tech. flaw ignored), when considered for what it is outside of the franchise and any expectations implied by the usage of the name DM is a damn good game.
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