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July 30th, 2007, 22:04
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
Is it turn based, narpet?
Yep… turn based and very much like Fallout in gameplay (not completely like it though).

When targeting you can choose to just make a general attack (like shooting with your pistol), or you can choose to target specific body parts. When using a multi-fire weapon (machine gun) you can choose to shoot it with a short burst, or a full burst (or whatever it's called).

It uses skills like Fallout (not the same skills - but you get the point). Every time you level up you choose where to put your new skill points so that you can build your character the way you want.

It uses an equivelant to the PiP Boy called the Scout Master. You work for the government (at least right now as far as I've played) and you will get incoming information about happenings in other places as you play on your Scout Master(sorry no spoilers).

Like I said earlier… the hardest part is just getting through the first location in the game, because that can become a little tedious. But once you move on it really starts to shine (IMO).
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