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July 31st, 2007, 20:21
ROFL… I think PB needs to give their employees more spare time so they can update themselves on what games are in the making. Ralf (Art Director) from PB seems to think that Mass Effect is a tool for creating cinematic stories…

1. Seeing that Mass Effect will be coming out in November, are you considering a cinematic feel to the game, just like Mass Effect has?? Or perhaps more precisely: What do you think of ME's cinematic design? And you think that games should be this way in the future?

Ralf: 1. Mass Effect is a great storytelling tool. There are no plans yet to use it for the current project though (I certainly would love it!)

2. What do you, as game designers think of Mass Effect's dialogue design where you pick a topic and then the main person of the story says something (slightly) in that general area of the topic. You'll only need to tell if it OK, bad or good, though.

Ralf: 2. I think it makes the character to appear much more lifelike.

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