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July 31st, 2007, 21:56
Their team is slightly bigger than it was for G3. Ralf said they´re 23 people now, I think. So we have a bigger team for a much smaller project and a publisher who is not in danger of running out of cash.

It has been confirmed that they´re not allowed to use anything from G3. The CM team can´t use the tools though, which makes it possible that the tools are indeed PB´s property. This would save them a lot of time.

From a business standpoint PB´s decision makes perfect sense. They focus on their core competency, make a small game and create a new IP quickly. They can be on the market with the sequel when JoWooD´s Gothic 4 comes out. And IF the new game is almost as good as the first Gothic it will put a lot of pressure on JoWooD. Then JoWooD will have to prove that PB was indeed the limiting factor for G3´s quality, and not JoWooD´s chronically unstable business situation. A good G4 is as good for PB as it is for JoWooD though, because they get the franchise back later.
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