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October 30th, 2006, 23:34
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Shalebridge Cradle in Thief 3 !!!
…or even better, the first encounter with Hammer Haunts in Return To The Cathedral from Thief: The Dark Project.

While the Cradle was a fine mission in and of itself, I've always felt that it was the most out-of-place and tacked-on mission in Thief III - a big part of this was due to the very 1950's/modern visual style of the level…all those metal tube bed frames and ceramic floor tiles, modern electricity and lighting (not the half-magical, Theif-y kind) etc..

The level did not feel at all like a medieval, or even steampunk setting within "The City" in my opinion and therefore took me out of the setting and tone of the game too much - which is critical to Thief, I would argue. I think the mission would have been better served in some kind of dank medieval dungeon a la Cragscleft Prison, for (probably poor) example.

Just my $0.02
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