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August 2nd, 2007, 07:19
I just saw Cold Mountain. Let's see..about three English actors, one Australian and one Canadian all playing Americans. They were darn fine too. American movies don't usually end that way. The one major flaw in it I could see was character development. You could tell it was from a book the way characters kept popping in and out.

After that I just watched Shane for the first time in 30 years. Didn't remember it except for one scene - we all know what that is. I had my wife watch it for the first time. Thanks to TiVo that aforementioned scene didn't record. My wife couldn't figure out why I was freaking out. Thank goodness for Youtube. We'll have to enjoy Youtube while we can - since Google took it over its all set to go down ..the tube..in a matter of months.

The other night I saw Spider Pig. There's a song about that but it escapes me…

My wife loved all three movies. She counsels old people and brought Shane up with them and so they all reminisced about it. They don't make movies like that.

I just got The Queen from Netflix. I've always wanted to watch this life story of Freddy Mercury. It should be entertaining. It'll be a good reminder of our trip to London when we got off the Tube to go the Museum and had to walk by about 100 16 year olds going to the show. That was just after our visit to Buckingham palace and seeing a state visit procession for the President of Ghana.

In Canada a couple of leftist documentarians revealed that, among other things, Moore actually did interview Roger Smith for the his movie Roger and Me for about 15 minutes. It s well known in Canada but its being virtually ignored here. Its called Manufacturing Dissent.
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