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August 2nd, 2007, 11:15
Suddenly, Last Summer(1959)

It's TCM's "summer under the stars" deal going on right now, and as such, they play all-day marathons of different stars all summer long. Today was the day to spend some time with Liz Taylor (that's one star I'd certainly have loved to have been under!), the highlight for me being this film which has eluded me for so long. I think it's one of her best films that Ive seen, though I hesitate to truly call it "her" film, as Kathryn Hepburn warbles her way thru one of the best depictions of an unhinged woman that I've seen yet. Taylor, she's both stunning in her beauty, and a great actress. I've wanted to diss her but I cant, she really is all that. Mongomery Clift on the other hand, he's the usual goddamn one-note wooden post that I remembered from A Place In the Sun. He broods, he looks at his feet, he mumbles, he does his "perplexed" or "yearning" look, and I seriously have no idea what he's doing in a film beside such great actors.

In the film, Liz knows a secret basically, one so terrible that it shocked her into a state of hysteria that landed her in the psych ward. Reclusive, obscenely wealthy Aunt Hepburn both doesnt want it to get out, but also doesnt want to admit it to herself. So, she gets the legal paperwork going to promptly have Liz lobotomized so she cant ever reveal the truth. Clift is the lobotomy-pioneering doctor caught between a hospital which would benefit from a huge grant from Hepburn, and his slowly dawning realization that maybe Liz is not the crazy one after all. The scruples dont end there, as even Liz's own mother will get some big bucks too, providing the procedure is carried out.

It's a good film, and quite dark, touching on some pretty taboo things especially back when it was made in '59. It's also one of those films I cannot see being anything but black and white, it just fits so well, color would mess it up imho. It was worth the wait.

edit- Oh yeah, I have to give a shout out to Ingmar Bergman who just passed away. May he rest in peace!
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