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August 2nd, 2007, 21:40
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The fan patch, 1.4, over at AgeofWondersHeaven, may fix both those. Can't remember. However, the game does come with something like 5 different levels of AI, so you should be able to find a happy medium between too easy and too hard. Also, the camouflage units don't have to be important at all, if you don't want them to be. It's only a couple of races, out of something like 8 or 10, that can make significant use of them anyway.
I'll take a look at that patch when I next get the urge to play. As for the camouflage units, it's true there are only a couple but it's a nice ability to use and makes those low-level units more viable. The Halflings in particular suffer from not being able to use it, as it's a pretty useful one for them.

As for the interface, I don't recall it being tricky at all, but then I could just be remembering being accustomed to it.

Hum, this may be a bit off the wall, but… Medieval: Total War and Rome: Total War can be played as entirely turn-based. You'll just miss out on the battlefield action, since the game will resolve the battles for you abstractly based on force balance. Both are deep enough to work very well played purely from the strategy map -- I've played a few campaigns this way and very much enjoyed them.

What's more, if there's any game out there that can lure you into RTS, those will be them. What with R:TW Gold (includes the Alexander expansion) going at bargain-bin prices by now, it may be worth a try.
Yeah, Rome is quite playable without the battlefield action, I usually play it that way. Medieval I'm not so sure about.. It does have the auto-resolve but it's quite skewed in favour of your enemies I found. And in Medieval, I didn't find the campaign map portion to be all that engaging. I haven't tried Medieval II so I'm not sure how that compares.

Rome Total War Gold comes with the Barbarian Invasions expansion, not Alexander. Unless there's a Gold Edition I'm not familiar with. The Total War Eras set included Alexander, however. And that whole set can be found on eBay for less than $30 these days.
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