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August 2nd, 2007, 22:55
@dte -- M2TW isn't that hard to beat on the battlefield. Remember that the key to victory is morale -- you win by routing your enemy, not going toe to toe and hoping to come out on top. The best way to do this is to try to get an enemy unit between two of yours. Say, use a row of spearmen to pin it down, flank it with cavalry, charge their rear, and watch them run. Very few units will be able to take this situation and keep fighting, even if the units they're fighting are much weaker.

Another thing to keep in mind is morale: a good general will make your men way less likely to break and run.

Yet another is high ground: a cavalry charge downhill will punch through just about everything, your missiles will have much more range, and the enemy will get tired slogging up the hill in heavy armor.

The AI is also pretty boneheaded in some ways; for example, if you can get some missile troops on higher ground it'll just stand there and take it rather than taking cover or attempting to charge them. I never feel good winning battles this way, though; it's too much like cheating.

If you already have the game, I say give it another shot. It's good clean fun.
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