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October 31st, 2006, 01:35
I loved the character creation in daggerfall, other than that, bethesda might be a fantastic action game designer company, but I think FO 3 should be an rpg. And it should have the same mechanics as fo 1 and 2. TB combat is a must. No TB=no FO.

Would everyone here that is happy to here Bethesda is making a game called FO 3 be as happy if somone bought the rights to Gothic and made it into a TB game, or RT w/ pause? Or the same with TES? No.

Who cares who designs what action game. This game has zero chance of being an actual Fall Out. I wouldn't mind at all if they just changed the name from FO 3 to FO: something else (like brotherhood of steel and tactics did). But calling a game part 3 entails a certain duty of obligation of making it jive with the series that came before.

If Predator 3 came out weaturing eddy murphy and bernie mac surfing in a slapstick comedy that happened to have a preditor killing people as a side story would that really be a predator 3?

What if spider man 3 was made into a musical with no crime fighting action?

Things have names for a reason, and a number 3 following something should indicate it gives the same gameplay 1 and 2 gave.
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