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August 4th, 2007, 23:14
Squeek, try Galsiah's character development, in combination with Morrowind Comes Alive and the wilderness mod.

The first one changes the way your character levels, so it goes slower and more balanced. Rather then you dstributing the points, your attributes rise when you level up the matching skills a lot. I found it helped a lot with balancing the game.

the last two add more humans, undead, bandits and creatures that are harder to defeat, and as far as I know cater for higher levelled characters as well.

JDR13: the official mods aren't that good, and modders have achieved so much stuff that surpasses the original mods in quality, it's not funny. I fully disagree with you here.

I also disagree on the Gothic games being better then Morrowind. I've never finished either of them, and not just because they don't allow for any character creation. Morrowind is so much more beautiful, exotic, and simply more fun in my opinion, the Gothic games don't even come close. Let alone the lack of moddability… give me Morrowind any day.
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