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August 6th, 2007, 03:50
if you haven't picked up the expansion i highly recommend it. it is the equivalent of civilization 8. it adds so much to the existing game with lots of solid mods. the 'next war' mod adds on a whole new era to a regular game and lets you build a limited number of cool looking an high powerd mechs. also biological weapons and an unlimited army of clones. but i've yet to build either of those as i find that rather creepy. the corportion addition is nice as well as religion usually becomes marginal in the late game. also with the next war mod you can build arcologies with shield upgrades.http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o…um/arcolgy.jpg

also the expansion adds permanent alliances which are great fun since you can share whatever resources you desire amongst other things.

heres a screen from the story based 'afterwold' mod where you command a squad of exoskeleton specialists in a post apocolyptic world. fun turnbased based tactical strategy. it really shocases what the engine is capable of.

oh and the 'advanced start' is nice to as it lets you specialize how you want your city or few cities to start however way you want which removes the endless clicking of end turn in the begging of the game.

also i know they improved the space race victory in the expansion but i'm not sure what the end video looked like in the prior versions as i just had my first space victory. the video was quite a teaser for the events that happen in alpha centaui…i wonder if this means they are finally going to make alpha centauti 2. to quote the starcraft 2 trailer--hell its about time (both games are nearing a decade old)
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