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August 6th, 2007, 10:27
2001 Maniacs

I don't know how many horror film starts with bunch of horny college guys and girls going to fun places but end up dead in various ways, but here's another one.

They took a detour on the way, which unfortunately, end at mysterious village with creepy villagers all still live on the traditions of Old South. The fun turn up a notch when a black guy and Chinesewoman also arrived (called coloured people). And of course, everything start with beers, fast cars, horny guys eyeing hotties, sex jokes, and then real sex, then got chopped up, decapitated and served on table…etc.

The whole thing can be sums up by dialog lines below in a gas station scene:

Horny College guy: "The way i see it, we'll be quaffing beers by noon,and boffing chicks by 5:00."

Gas Attendance:"…And pushin' up daisies by midnight."
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