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August 6th, 2007, 18:35
@Artran: Anna Karenina is a classic for a reason. Have you read any George Elliot or Thomas Hardy? Both similar to me, meaty and somber authors who really would like to believe that Life isn't the hell hole they are protraying but just can't dismiss reality to do so. Reading these books, I often lose my sense that it's our times that are a disaster and a tortuous mess of lost values and see the injustice and misery of that era as far worse.

RE:Lovecraft; I think he is over the top in the same way Poe can be. Both are masters of atmosphere and translators of the dark imagination beyond compare, but it's not in their nature to see the traps of overwriting a thing.I think it's a pretty common fault of those working in this genre.

Witness case in point, Stephen King, who I am currently reading.(Finished The Drawing of the Three yesterday.) This Dark Tower series is a real mish mash of genres--including Tolkein, spaghetti westerns and his usual personal take on Lovecraftian horrors. I'm not a huge fan of his work, but he also has a unique gift for illustrating and unclothing evil in the human heart. His immersion breaker is his occasional lapse into too extended a look through his self-pitying sense of being an outsider. I am enjoying the books though, as I like good high fantasy a lot better than mass-produced horror and so far that seems to be where they are bound.
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