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August 6th, 2007, 21:40
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
My advice to you guys would be to just download all of the official Morrowind Plugins and play with those.

Morrowind is a great game by itself, without any fan made mods being necessary, especially if it's your first time playing it.
I agree with a few exceptions:

- Better Bodies
- Better Heads
- Oblivion Septims
- Illuminated Windows
- Real Signposts

All of these are asthetic improvements, so they don't change the core gameplay but I feel they are absolutely necessary.

Why? Well it seems Bethesda went through a lot of trouble to create this beautiful, unique, awe-inspiring landscape and then populated it with the most low-res, hideously deformed faces I've seen in any game. These mods seem to bring the character models up to par with the rest of the game which thought a bit blocky in comparison to newer games still looks great.

Better Heads replaces the original faces with some varied, interesting looking faces and most even use less polygons than the original even though they are much more detailed so could help the game run a little better if on an older machine. Better Bodies does the same for body models.

Oblivion Septims just improves the look of the game's coin currency, making it look shinier, more metallic, in other words a bit more realistic looking.

Illuminated Windows just adds lighting to the game at night, to windows and lamps - adds to the immersion to the game when it is night time and you actually see windows lighted as opposed to darkness all around.

Real Signposts just replaces the in-game sign names with English, which are originally in the native language.

There is also Texture Replacer which I never got to use but improves some of the textures in the game, making the ground and walls higher res. When I re-install MW I will try this out - I loved Morrowind despite all it's flaws, it was such a unique experience and I really loved both expansions but never finished either and need to wash Oblivion's taste from my mouth.

Here is a Mod List with images for your perusal: http://btb2.free.fr/morrowind.html
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