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August 7th, 2007, 16:40
Despite only downloading the graphic changing mods (and the enchanted arrows - essential for a wood elf!), I have occassionally installed some of the Stronghold/Appartment Mods. Most of them only serve to give the player incredibly powerful items and/or teleportation, but some are quite balanced and can really add to your experience.

My favourite was a secret appartment in Balmora. It could be accessed through a trapdoor underneath the bed of one of the empty houses. It was just two small rooms (a study and bedroom) with one or two chests for storage. Any decoration had be bought or "acquired" by the player. To me it seemed a reasonable place for a rookie spy and I can highly recommend it to those not willing to wait for the moment you can construct your "official" stronghold. (unfortunately I cannot access the Mod sites here so I'll have to owe you all a link)

ps Don't you just get tired of sleeping on that junkie's smelly bed in Balmora??

I'm playing the game again right now, and I'm loving it…. the sound of the silt strider in Seyda Neen echoing over the water while I watch the sun rise gives me a feeling of belonging no other game has ever managed to do. It's like home…
Amen to that!
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