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August 7th, 2007, 18:10
Originally Posted by Rodyn View Post
ps Don't you just get tired of sleeping on that junkie's smelly bed in Balmora??
No, I've modded myself a wonderful country cottage in Seyda Neen a long time ago.
It has a large NOM compatible kitchen, a study with an alchemy sorter that magically moves ingredients into their own little jars, a sitting-room with a large open fireplace, a comfortable sofa in front of it with a tea set ready to be poured out, a dining area with a table with plate, knifes and forks ready for a candle lit dinner. Above the kitchen is a loft with several crates, trunks and chests for strorage and a practice dummy on which you can hone your skills.
Oh, and then there is the large cosy bedroom with an enormous four-poster bed and several wardrobes for all my clothes, and three guest bedrooms, and a nursery for the children from Emma's children mod.
Underneath the study is a vault with room to display weapons, and beyond that another room to display armor and clothing to mannequins. And there is a room with teleporters to the various Mage's Guilds, Mournhold and Solstheim.

The manors you get from the great Houses were never big enough for all my clothes, companions, pets and children, so I needed the room
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