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August 8th, 2007, 12:15
Originally Posted by Rodyn View Post
Pets and children?? Obviously I have missed a few mods since I last played MW! What kind of pets are we talking about here? Kwamma workers? Swamp rats? Labradors?
For pets I use Emma's cats and the wolf companion:

I sometimes use the pack guar as well:

The Children mod is amazing. it adds babies, young children and teenagers to all cities and various houses. It also adds toys, children's books, lolly-pops and apples, even playgrounds!
The children play hopscotch and tag, the older ones practice archery and fight with wooden swords.

The woman who was in charge of the mod is a mother herself, and it is all tastefully done. You can give gifts to the children but they won't except anything from strangers, you have to befriend them first. And if you try to hurt them they'll recall to a safe location and you get a hefty price on your head.
For those of you who go: "Oh, but I want to be able to kill children":
The faces and voices of the children were supplied by the Morrowind modding community. They are our children's faces you are looking at. And most parents weren't happy with the idea of other people going around and killing them, so it was decided to have the children recall out instead.
Which is rather realistic… wish we could give our kids a recall amulet that sends them home IRL

Anyway, here's the mod:

While you are on Emma's site, check out her companion mods. There are several romance mods, White Wolf of Lokken Mountain is a great high level quest and romance mod, and Constance is a fun companion similar to Mission from KOTOR and Neeshka from NWN2:

And if you don't like any of her companions, then there is always the romance mod, which allows you to romance, marry and have children with any NPC in the game you want:

Just look at it:

Anyway, for me all these mods greatly enhance roleplay, and give my adventurers something to come home to. Nothing like coming home to family and loved ones after a day of tomb raiding, I always say

(oops, here I go again…. sorry for writing all these essays. I can't help it, Morrowind and it's mods has that effect on me )
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