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August 10th, 2007, 16:27
I think there is a difference between having a streamlined intutive interface that is easy for the gamers to use in every game, be it an FPS, and RTS, an RPG or an adventure game and a 'dumbing-down' of the story, the interaction, the choices & the consequenses in a game. Too often, it happens that people think they need to 'dumb-down' the player's choice on how to advance the story, because people=dvs./publishers seem to think that is what players of games wants. And I'm sorry to inform them that they are utterly and completely wrong! Gamers want to be able to play a game, in which they help advance the story, not just watch a movie-like story unfold before their very eyes. Games are games, not interactive movies…

I have also liked the interface ofthe now old Baldur's Gate games The interface was logical, easy to use as well as very intuitive and didn't require you to press 100 buttons or so at the same time. Daggerfall, (at least the demo I've played) has a very horrible user interface as did the first Hitman game(s).
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