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October 31st, 2006, 14:38
Originally Posted by slam23 View Post
I just finished my 10th game of Arcomage in under an hour….man I did not remember how addictive it was. A shame I can't get it to host a local IP 2-player game. ……Ubbax? It's probably trying to invoke some ancient windows 95 ritual to find a local network and setting up as a host. As that would be hard-coded I'm not hopeful for a workaround, am I right? Ah well, I'm still having fun with beating the comp AI.
That's odd, I have been playing this with my youngest nephew and a friend up here at the cottage. We've had no problems getting games running over the network.

I have a little network setup over an old wired Netgear 4 port router. Of course 2 of the 3 machines are setup with a dual boot configuration; MsDos 6.2/Win98SE. The 3rd machine is setup with Windows 2000 Professional; it's a fully updated version running on a laptop. The Win2000P machine also has Norton Systemworks 2006 Priemier on it with all options on and running. The virus protection doesn't affect the ability to host or join games at all.

Since reading your post I hooked up the Windows 2000 Professional machine to the network and copied the installed game directory over to the Win2000P machine. I ran Arcomage.exe and the game loaded right up. Runs like a charm on Win2000P.

1) Once it was running I pressed F1 to open the Options panel, checked the box beside Networked Version.
The Host must also choose the Play and Victory conditions.
Make sure each player has the Network Box checked on their machine.

2) Next click start; a little window opens asking if you want to Host or Join?

2a) To Host a game:
Select Host; another window opens listing the machines IP and I hit OK.
Now the game will sit with a blank window till it detects someone trying to connect to it.

2b) To Join a game:
Select Join; a box opens in which you must type the IP address of the machine hosting. Then click OK.
At this point a box opens on each machine asking you to type your player name.
Type it in press return and the game begins.

The game is fun in single player, has that addictive quality. Strangely the AI beat me 6 out of 10 games the first time I played. Then my 8 year old nephew informed me that you could discard a card in your hand instead of choosing to play one by right clicking on the card. I've lost very few games since then against the AI. Selecting different Play Conditions or Tavern Presets can make it a bit more challenging against the AI. I still find it fun to play without choosing to discard at will; a bit more challenging.

The network games really shine, they are a lot of fun, it's a bit harder to beat a real person though I still find a lot depends on the luck of the draw.

Slam23, I figured you must be playing on Windows XP since that was the installation procedure I had outlined. Unfortunately up here at the cottage I don't have an XP machine setup. My ability to connect to the internet is limited to very specific times (lines are shared up here) and connection to the net itself is quite sporadic.

I did get a neighbor to bring over a laptop that has a fully updated Windows XP Pro installation on it. I tried to set it up as a Host and it pops up the Microsoft Error reporting Box; the one that asks if you want to send a report to Microsoft, after which it shuts down Arcomage. XP will join a game hosted on another machine though without any problem what so ever.

I'm not sure what the problem was concerning the problem with hosting under XP. The neighbor was not keen on letting me fool with the network settings on his perfectly working XP installation

The game uses IPX and TCP/IP which windows XP supports. Odd it only has a problem hosting. Could be something to do with the windows firewall or security settings. Unfortunately I cannot check further till I return home.

There are a lot of smart people frequenting these boards and running the site; perhaps one of them may have some ideas. Uriziel probably has the tools at hand if he was so inclined but I'm sure the others are just as capable.

Here's something interesting that someone sent my way after being directed to this post. It's a working Win32 version of Arcomage done by a Czeck University student as a project for one of his classes. In addition to the Win32 working version he has also made available the Source Code which can be compiled under windows or Linux: http://urtax.ms.mff.cuni.cz/~stick/s…ects/arcomage/

I managed to download this and try it out. It's well done, even has 2-player hotseat as well as multiplayer. Some screens it looks like you cannot exit from but just hit "escape" to back out of these screens (like the Credits) or if you want to shut down an unfinished game your currently playing.

It does have bugs which pretty much unbalance the game. Some cards have the wrong cost, sometimes the costs are not deducted, the computer doesn't seem to play again when a card allows it to and so on. But hey he supplied the source code and some industrious person could fix it if so inclined. Probably even expand it. If nothing else it would probably be interesting for someone learning to code.

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