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August 14th, 2007, 06:11
Tried it out and got to about level 3 before a bat got me. I hadn't yet found the catapult so I couldn't throw rocks at him. Combat was real time and sometimes I was challenged to find the mouse or bat or what have you before taking a few hits.

One sort of neat thing you can turn up or down the lantern and change how fast you go through fuel. Sorta cool - I dislike the "timer" effect the lantern gives the game. It is another dimension of play, one more thing to keep in mind and worry about.

Basic premise is get treasure and find the rope (read: key) for the pit to the next level. There seems to be one chest and one key on each level. The automap is nice, but it would be better if it showed you where walls were rather than just a box for each grid area you've seen. Make it easier to reveal the entire map, a goal the game tells you when you've completed it.

I'd say "yes" to the question of further coverage. Not sure if I'd spring $25 for it. Maybe - back to the demo I guess.

Look forward to more critiques.
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