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October 31st, 2006, 19:35
Children of the Corn
Actually liked seeing this one again. Great setup for a unique story of a town in which the children, all guided by a religious zealot, kill all the adults of the town. Typical to most Stephen King tho, this isnt merely a tale of delusion and the affairs of humans, there is a supernatural being at the core of this twisted tale, "He Who Walks Behind The Rows". Like most 80's fare it seems to show it's age even moreso than quite older stuff (they had an excuse!), but I still liked revisting this one. I can never watch this movie without at least once yelling out "MALACHIIII!"

Eyes Without a Face

Old french film, roughly 1950's, about a surgeon whose daughter was horribly disfigured as the result of an auto accident. Her face is gone, basically leaving her the girl with the "eyes without a face". It's a simple tale really, obsessed doctor kidnaps and takes young womens' faces and tries to transplant them onto his daughter, without success. He comes close, but each time her body rejects the tissue and due to necrosis, it must be removed. The bodies stack up, the doc gets wackier, the cops start getting suspicious, and his daughter becomes more and more wracked with guilt and loneliness. There's some very good scenes of the hopeless girl, who wears an expressionless stage mask all the time, that are really quite sad and well done. I liked it.
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