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August 16th, 2007, 19:04
I'm happy to report the stories about undercooked food in Britain is a myth. I'm not happy to report that its a pain in the bum (butt) if you want to sit down to eat anywhere.

My wife ended up doing her presentation English food and customs in her Food and Culture class.

As for the transportation system it was hilarious when the an announcement came on at the tube station at Hyde park, "We apologize. The police have asked us to close Piccadilly Circus station…".

Across the pond here they'd just announce it was closed and let the rumour mill or the news tell you there was a shooting between gang members later on instead of inferring there was some sort of a stabbing.

As for the Canadian Postal system the first problem is that it was privatized by the Mulroney administration. Any company that picks it up for the extra business ends up dropping it the second their contract is up.

The delay you had was likely the same reason mine get's delayed: a random custom inspection. The gov't doesn't like to miss out on collecting duties for some reason. There are some tricks to getting things across the border faster like itemizing everything in the box.
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