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October 31st, 2006, 22:43
Wow, this should teach me to stay on-topic the next time!
@jaz: lol! I can see where you coming from. Well, Hindu is not quite right, although I can sympathize with a lot of their core concepts. Though they won't like the fact that I eat beef and sometimes other animals too. And I won't allow a cow to block my car anytime soon, too much traffic jams already in Holland
Try again!
As I looked closer at bomberman I realized that my first assessment was wrong, or better said, incomplete. Behind that outwardly projected masculine agression (with bombs and all), there is also a sensitive inner femininity expressed in a flawless combination of a white spandex aerobics outfit (very Jane Fonda) with a playful blue body and mandatory accessoire in the form of a goldplated belt. That stance is also more way more supermodel at the end of the catwalk than your typical Cro-Magnon male posturing. And look at all the roundish bodyparts, definitely not masculine
If Bomberman wants to talk about it he can come by for a free consult and lie on the sofa. It's probably his parent's fault that he turned out that way, the gender confusion definitely points to a traumatized childhood. That's how we psychologists make a living, first convincing people they have a problem and then charging them for therapy
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