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August 19th, 2007, 12:12
Moriendor, the 3dfx Glide is nothing more than a subset of OpenGL. So, the differences are not THAT big.

Microsoft was mainly fighting the problem that you simply couldn't do really good-looking games with GDI only. Therefore, they invented directx.

It's exactly the same situation which Linux still has : There is no good package for making good-looking games for that platform. Windows 3.1 simply didn't have it, and Win95 (the earliest versions) didn't have it, too. It just evolved around the time the older Win95 got, the better the games were - and the better the directx packages were ( I once read that one of the earliest directx opackages are in-compaatible with one another - at least in some functions - so you might have difficultiy with the earliest directx-based games in that respect, too.

If there was such a package for Linux, developers would be able to develop better and faster games for that platform - which would in the result fuel the spread of Linux into/onto the desktops as well (out of the so-called "server niche").

Linux right now has this problem : No [good] games, no Linux on desktops (I mean more spread than today), no Linux on desktops on the other hand means that companies see no sense in invensting money for Linux games.

Microsoft has overcome exactly this prooblem (they had with Windows 3.1, meanwhile games were no windows gamnes, but instead DOS games - apart from the WinG package, which was kind of an precessor of directx) by providing a standardized package (directx), which enabled developers and investors to develop or that particular platform - and none else.

Of they had really been interested in a Standard, then they would've made it available for other platforms as well, like OS/2, for example.

Now, they've won. There is no PC platform with THAT many commercially successful games.
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