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August 19th, 2007, 13:23
I've been working on this game for a bit, and by now it's quite playable, so I was wondering if you guys would like to take a peek and maybe share your impressions?

The game is based on the old classic - Lines, and the goal is the same: make a line longer than 5. In Lines, you moved differently colored balls to acomplish this, which has always bothered me, since those are real lines, hence the name of this. The controls are simple: LMB to turn on one side, and RMB (or LMB + Ctrl) to turn on the other.

Of course, the game is still very much in beta, so it is somewhat lacking. It lacks a help file, for one (good thing you read this then, eh?) and general polish all around. Still, it's playable, and the basic gameplay is there, so I'd really appreciate some feedback on it.

ReaLines download (Rapidshare, 171KB)
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