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August 19th, 2007, 17:30
Why not? This site, as the old dot, has been inclusive far more than exclusive. Enough people here are interested, and belive it to be an rpg, to warrant coverage. I'll probably never buy it, or even play the demo, but I don't see a good reason not to cover it when the interest is clearly there. If this site was only to cover real crpgs there wouldn't be but one or two news posts every couple of months.

As it is, I think there coverage is odd. Why not cover GTA? Why not cover any game that could be argued to be an rpg by today's standards? Why Stalker and not Halo 3? Etc. It doesn't make sense to me. But what does make sense, is that there is some sort of magical devide that this site's members somehow can feel. This game that isn't really anything close to be an rpg should be covered by rpgwatch, but this other game that is almost exactly like it shouldn't. Why? Who knows? But I think the majority of the people are happy by what is and is not covered, and that even though it cannot really be explained it somehow makes sense. Why anger the majority of posters by not covering Bioshock, when this site would gladly cover system shock 1 and 2 news and includes a lot of system shock 1 and 2 fans and people that belive Bioshock is an rpg?

It wouldn't make any sense at all not to cover it, even though it doesn't make sense to cover it really.




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