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August 20th, 2007, 02:48
Isn't OpenGL cross platform and therefore the standard for Linux?

I have to disagree on the assessment that XP was that buggy on release. It was far more stable than Windows 98 and the few NT machines I had worked on. But more or less the crashes went to the desktop rather than the BSoD. The massive number of updates were indeed security holes but that's largely due to a change of policy from MS trying to root them all out. So this was a good thing. That said I understand XP isn't much different from 2000.

XP's stability was it's Killer App. Just as Visicalc sold the PC to business and Myst sold the CD-ROM, stability was the reason everyone converted to XP. No one wanted to have the headache of suddenly finding all their software incompatible and having to upgrade but they were sick of crashing and having to reboot all the time.

Few home PC enthusiasts bought 2000 because of the perception it was for business or for NT users and it was in it's early stages. ME was seen, rightfully, as a transition OS. XP was the end result of this convergence which spruced up the look and feel of 2000 took out features which people found difficult like dividing up Admin data from regular users (which left a big security hole in XP ) . XP was also promised to have dynamic folders but it was scrapped and promised as vapourware and that's what it became. However the stability was far more important to people.

Vista has no Killer App to convince anyone to switch. The most it has Dx10 and a promise that more and more software won't work w/ XP (one could argue for better 64 software support). I'm not aware of all the features that Vista was promised to have that were scrapped but I remember it had a lot.

The best examples that Vista is a failure so far is the firing of the Executive who was in charge of Vista and the back-tracking on its unwillingness to sell XP OEM software, Vendors like Dell forced them to that. You may remember the only version of XP you could get for awhile was the Media Edition.

Either way, when I get my new system I plan at least a Dual boot.

As for Linux - as simpler as it's become its still arcane for the average user and still has no killer app aside from it's native stability and security.
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