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August 20th, 2007, 07:26

Thats just silly. I've been playing rpgs just as long and I don't feel some god-like ability to label or relabel things as I see fit. I can call a motorcycle a car all day, but it isn't. [plus some Ozzy Osbourne reference]
I did not say Half Life was a salami sandwich. It was a PC game that made me feel like like I was playing the role of Gordon Freeman.
(Hey kids! Can you find the secret code in that sentence?)

Nor did I implore anyone to ride my crazy-train. Please keep your personal attacks in context and relevant.

Marketing arms of companies call games "shooters" "rpgs" "sims" and so forth as a marketing tool. Sim fans will buy a new sim, rpg fans will buy a new rpg. It is simple and effective but it is not "defined and exclusive by nature" as you put it.

Gorath wrote So why isn´t GTA covered? Because none of us is interested about it.
Even this websites staff admit what is covered is flexible.

To be fair, I am interested to hear what unmistakably defines an RPG. When you make adamant statements like that, be prepared to back them up.
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